Abstract, Pragmatic, Directive, Expressive
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    ENTJ Central is about a tiny, but highly visible percentage of the population: the ENTJ, also known as the Fieldmarshal or the Executive.

    An ENTJ is a strategic thinker that is intensely goal-oriented, enjoys interacting with people, assertive and motivated. While few leaders are ENTJs, due to the small number of these individuals, most ENTJs find themselves in leadership positions.

    Most people know at least one, but few understand what lies beyond the ENTJs’ intensity and strong internal motivations. This website, along with ENTJ Forum, aims to provide some visibility, as well as a forum to discuss ENTJ related topics.

    For ENTJs themselves, this site can aid as a means to self-discovery and self-actualization. It can also provide a rare meeting ground to interact with other ENTJs and compare notes on their quest towards world domination. :-)